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RagonFighter's News

Posted by RagonFighter - 2 weeks ago

Before making the next Orange Madness animation, i'm going to make my private one-person "Orange Madness" collab which consisted of 10 different Orange Madness clips with just a orange guy performing the "kill" action on another orange guy, though there will be variations here. At least, i did this so to authorize and test myself if i could finally make my next major "Orange Madness" animation in the best way possible. In which, only i can participle in this private one-person collab. You can comment but do not comment about joining this private collab, any comments that said "Can i join?" or comments like that will be deleted as the response!

Posted by RagonFighter - 2 weeks ago

Hi guys, i've just done maybe another small and minor footage here probably for Orange Madness Remake ep 5, it's showing a some random strong guy who manages to stop the main guy's sword with just his bare hands:


You will soon know who is that guy who stopped the main guy's sword with just his bare hands, you may also see that his hands are white with red marks that look like bloods. But i can just confirm that he's still just some strong strange orange man with some weird dress out here.

Posted by RagonFighter - 2 weeks ago

Even though i'm not get back to animating yet, i did a "Orange Madness" related very small and minor footage of the main guy unleashes his blade. Which may probably will be likely used at some point of Orange Madness 5, and maybe the first known footage of Orange Madness 5 . I did 2 versions here:

Version 1:


Version 2:


Which version is better in your opinion?


Posted by RagonFighter - 2 weeks ago

If the main guy ever to make a return in my next Orange Madness animation, he's definitively going to look like this:


Originally. He was just to be simply got a head bandage on his head after getting shot just like Hank after MC2 without any changes other than this , but now. I turned him to look like this.

More to said, Orange Madness 5 will completely be very different from the rest of my old Orange Madness animations, like it's gonna supposedly a lot thousand percent different from these. It will be supposedly longer, alot more intense and also perhaps way more dynamic than previous Orange Madness animations.

Notice: I may still change his shirt and pant colors here, or either keep that and not changing it at all...


Posted by RagonFighter - 2 weeks ago

Sorry but at this time, i can't decide when i will go back to animating for now. However, i may thinking the more late i get back to the animating, the more better my animating skills and my next animation could be...


Posted by RagonFighter - 1 month ago

How did even P-bot knows that i have came back? iu_513713_5711746.png


Posted by RagonFighter - December 20th, 2021

Do not do any of your fan animations for my Orange Madness series up until i finish another Orange Madness animation!


Posted by RagonFighter - October 29th, 2021

Sorry for this bad news, guys. I decided to delayed "Back to animating" today, that meaning i won't be fully back to animating in November. But at least, i will be fully back to animating in December and as well start to focus on and animating my big publishable projects by the January of next year (2022). The reason for this was because i need more time and break. Anyway, see you guys later.


Posted by RagonFighter - October 20th, 2021

There's a very, very and very short new i have here regarding about Orange Madness 5 which is about its plot:

The plot of Orange Madness 5 will be a continuation from the plot of Orange Madness 4. In which, the main orange guy has indeed survived the headshot thanks to his "boss" and he indeed got a bandage on his head now. But his contract of eliminate sheriff under his boss's orders has been abandoned and terminated by the main guy himself for unknown reasons. However, he still works for his boss and his boss decided to give him a new contract that's gonna worth it. The main guy accepted to do that contract.

Guess, how the main guy's new contract mission will be like? Guess, we'll see :)

Posted by RagonFighter - October 15th, 2021

Sorry if i lied about the fact that i will went back to animating in November. But, today. I just made a unpublishable (very, very and very short) dump test clip animation and share it to you guys here so to see if i had improved after 4 years:

Here's the newest one that i just made today:


Now, compare it to these old ones that i made 4 years ago:




So, do you guys see any improvements here in my newest dump test that i just made today?

Also, keep in note:

Even though i said that i will go back to animating in November. I made my newest dump test here so to see if my animation skills had go exactly different, changed and improved since 4 years ago, so did i see it? I'll let you guys guess. By the way, this will be my only finished dump test in this month. Next dump test and more will come in the next month, November. Anyway, see you later.