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Going back and a huge apology note.

Posted by RagonFighter - 4 days ago

Hi, guys. So i have just coming back from a more than 4-years break. Just as to learning many ways how to animate Madness animations properly and become a good Madness animator (and by the extension, how to not made and publish Cringe animations), along with learning more about Madness. By the way, i have indeed unpublished all of the cringe animations (like Life of the Baby Bird) i have made in the past which shouldn't have published to Newgrounds portal at first. And so, i'm feeling sorry for anyone who have watched my cringe and bad animations. By the way, i have also made several puppet accounts to bypass the NG chat after being banned for misbehaving, but i'm also very sorry about this. These was still the unforgettable moments to me today.

By the way, 4 years have passed. I'm just got older now. I'm 17 years old now. I'm also sorry for the fact that i lied about my location and my age on Newgrounds. Back to 4 years ago, I entered my location that i was in South Korea and is a 15 years-old. But i actually lived in Vietnam and was 12 years old at this time. In which, i was still young to be allowed to join Newgrounds at this time. The fact that i entered my fake age (15) so able to join Newgrounds while i am still underaged (12) to join Newgrounds was such a mistake and maybe even a big mistake, i'm very sorry about this. This would explain the fact why did i keep uploading untrustworthy cringe animations for you guys to see. Again, these are another unforgettable moments to me today.

By the way. I still keep my "Orange Madness" series alive, especially the remakes. But i deleted and unpublished the cringe untrustworthy episodes of it like "Zick Combat" and "Mario vs. Donald Trump". By the way, my next project here is gonna be either "OM: Demon aren't Allowed (Part 2)" or "Orange Madness 5". Either way, when either is finished. they are going to be very epic and intense. But sure will take long. From what i have advised: the more long time you take to animating, the more better it get. By the way, if you make Orange Madness fanworks/fanarts again. I can appreciate it. I also thinking about make ep.8 for the old Orange Madness and maybe the final episode of the original Orange Madness. In this episode, instead of using the old animation style from old Orange Madness animations. It's going to be made using the "Remake" style, along with adding several elements that aren't in the remake and the old animations.

However. Even though i just finally returned to Newgrounds by now, i won't be animating right now. Maybe, i'm going to start animating again by the next month.

So, one last message here in my apology post here. Since 4 years have passed, i'm exactly a completely different person now. That meaning, i won't be and will never be the same person as i am back in 2016-2017. Like the fact that i won't make cringe and short animations anymore now, because i have known more. I'm really have a huge apology here also, Please forgive me for my cringe and bad actions (like keep uploading cringe bad animations that should have been blammed) in 4 years ago, i'm very sorry for what i did and also feeling sorry for anymore who see my bad and cringe actions. That's my apology. I'm pretty sure 100% percent that i will never doing any of my cringe actions that i did 4 years ago again. However, even if my apology is accepted. These 4-years ago memories of me doing cringe and bad actions will still not get out of my head and will continues to haunt me. Goddamn, these memories. But anyway, accept the apology if you guys could. I'm pretty sure i will be a good person this time and not the same cringe person you guys see back in 4 years ago. Sorry, but that not's really the last message here in my apology post here. One more message to said here:

I can also appreciate alot if persons whose read this apology message actually remembered me and what i did in 4 years ago. Sorry, if my apology-post feels rushed and not enough yet. This is my true last message here in my apology post here. Good luck, see you later. :)




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king's back

what did you said? i'm not a king :)

Welcome back king.


king's back

lets fucking gooooooooooo welcome back club bro I miss you so much


Btw, i first know you from Madness Iceberg video.

your faked ur age? everyone did dude hahaha

welcome back mister