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Sapky 7/10: Your clips look pretty good, try more improve :)
Vassline 10/10: you did a perfect job at all clips :)
JmoneyT 4/10: Your jobs at your clips is pretty bad :(, you need to take more improve on them!
Electronic-Headphone 10/10: perfect job same as Vassline and oWnOmega :)
oWnOmega 10/10: same as Vassline and Electronic-Headphone :)
Mjorik 7/10: your clips is not bad, just saying, but try to take more job to your clip so you got 10 :)
JohnyPixel 10/10: same as Vassline, Electronic-Headphone and oWnOmega :D
Daymariz 6/10: not bad but try to make shells comes out of the gun when shooting :)
Me ?/10

Overall: this collab is pretty good, not bad :)

SapkyRides responds:

too late huh? :DD

Cool job again, keep it up :) i can't wait to see ep 23!

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it is very cool, voice is good. It would be better if there is a game that based on this movie!

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I like this a lot. Can you do Chicago Shark?

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Wiesi responds:

No, I'm sorry, the shark series is over.

game is fun, good and violence.

as a student in real life, you don't try to kill the teacher much like in the game, as you doing so can get you arrested by the polices!

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wario walk too slow. Wario's jump height is so low that it make me can't even pass the pipe, this is just a shitty super mario bros game clone with the main character being Wario!

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Parkereldreth responds:

thats the point, lol congrats

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creepy! :o

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5 stars for this awesome song. But what program you using to make this???

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NoiseFilthFury responds:

To be honest, I just upload songs here for a future focal point because I know most poofs/fruits here complain and whine about it being too raw (pretty much the goal I'm aiming for until I can get some professional studio time). I've been using Acoustica Mixcraft for over a decade now. It's the only weapon of my choice.

what software program did you use to make this music?

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XiruX responds:

FL Studio

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good art!

1000BucklesofVictory responds:

I agree xD, Nah, thxs m8 once againz.

not so crappy. Lol

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PikaLight responds:

Crappy for me :')

Great Happy Birthday art! :DDDD

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Ante45 responds:


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